Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Webster's Tracking Weekend

Webster and I had the opportunity to attend a two day tracking seminar in Courtenay, BC last weekend.

The seminar was presented by Carol Pernicka (from Colorado). Present were many novices as well as experienced handlers with their dogs.

It was an amazing experience to participate in and to watch the experienced dogs! Carol taught new skills as well as established ones. She stressed that, "tracking is tracking, whether it's on hard surfaces or grass."

Webster did a great job, even though he'd never tried tracking before and the seminar enforced the fact that no matter how old your dog is, they can learn to track! I'm confident that Webster will be a great tracker (with that lab nose) and he and I will enjoy this interesting sport.

Here are some pictures of us doing our thing.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Latest one of Webster

Webster continues to be a challenging dog. He's five months old now, and his weight is about 45 pounds! He's going to be a big boy!

But more than that, he's an amazingly smart pup and will need things to do to keep him busy.

He's doing excellent in his puppy classes; always keeping his eye on me while we're training. He wants to please so much, and do what's asked of him!

We certainly aren't disappointed in him in anyway, and more than that, we're so fortunate to have him.

Here's the latest picture of him when life is just too exhausting.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Training Webster

I've been working with Webster to train him, which compliments his puppy classes.

The most important thing i've noticed is to be consistent with your training and don't let up. You also have to make it a game...Webster is much more alert and willing to please if i keep it light.

He's a smart pup and he'll need to be challenged all the time...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Webster's First Puppy Class

i went to my first puppy class last night, april 19. i was great...and i don't think i'm being egotistical when i say that.

the instructor singled me out as one of the puppies that was doing the proper "down" position.

the treats my mum kept giving me were fantastic...cheese bits and tuna bits. the tuna bits my aunty gillian made for me and they were the best ones yet! i hope she makes more for me and then she can teach my mums to make them too.

i've decided i'd like to take up obedience as well as my tracking. i think i'd enjoy obedience and my buddy, raffi, does it. raffi does it so well, and he looks great when he's performing his obedience. he doesn't take his eyes off of aunty gillian.

i was pretty tired after my puppy class, but it was a ball! had lots of puppies to play with plus there were some of the puppies from terry and vicki's black litter in the class. they look allot different than me, but it was fun to see them, 'cause i hadn't seen them since i left the litter on feb. 19, 2007.

anyway, next week is another class, and between now and then, my mums will work with me on what i learned last night...which is great 'cause i get treats when i do good things that they want me to do!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Tooth Gone!

i lost another baby tooth yesterday. my mums are sooo happy that my baby teeth are coming they won't see as much blood on their arms when we play.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yahoo! Lost a tooth

i've lost my first baby tooth! now i can hardly wait 'till the rest fall out! i know my mums will be happy 'cause then i probably won't chew things as much!

i go to my first puppy class tomorrow night.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why Webster

it was a tough decision to get another dog after baxter and maggie passed away. they were so loved and both died within a few weeks of one another.

but after coming home from christmas vacation in tofino with billy/jaime and beloved rupert (a black lab), we found the house to be so quiet and was lacking in the loving pitter-patter of paws.

we made some phone calls and found out that terry and vicki gains had a litter of yellow labs that were born dec. 21, 2006. after some time, we called them and they said they had one puppy left but they'd have to interview us first.

so we went to see them, had a great visit and they said yes, we could get a male. we visited the litter every week and took pictures of them all.

on feb. 19, 2007, we picked up 'Webster' and haven't looked back. he's such a joy and has a mind of his own. he reminds us very much of our dear old maggie (14 years old when she died).

anyway, he's a great and we couldn't be happier to have this little guy in our lives!

the spirit of baxter and maggie are all around the house and will remind so for eternity and they are looking down from doggie heaven and are happy we've got webster...they will protect him.

I'm Growing

I'm now almost four months old...see how big i'm getting?

my mums want to me to be a tracking dog so i'm going to start tracking really soon! i'm going to a tracking seminar in may in courteney for two days! i'm very excited about it. my friend, raffi, and his mum, gillian, are also going to come 'cause raffi and i are buddies and want to do tracking together.

here i am in my new tracking harness.